Basilico, Regent Hotel


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Had the chance to visit Basilico twice this year… Weekday lunch and dinner.

They serve Italian cuisine on what they call “semi-buffet”

You pay a fixed price for appetizer and desserts, mains will be ordered separately.

For my lunch visit, it was a company meeting. We only had what was on the buffet table which were a few cooked items, two types of pizza (and pasta) – usual appetizer and desserts were there.

For dinner, the pizza, pasta and cooked food (that were there during lunch) were not available…

The food is more than enough for your Italian food craving, but don’t expect to see crabs/prawn (seafood spread). A good bottle of wine will complete the meal.

For dinner, you will need to order pizza separately and pasta will be counted as your main dish.


If you’re expecting to see a big “international” buffet, then this place is not for you. I don’t even think they’ll sing a happy birthday for you ­čÖé

This place is highly recommended if you need a quiet place with ample space and less crowd.











Expectation vs Reality… Sad state of McDonald’s Singapore…


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So I ordered a McDonald’s BBQ Beef Burger with Egg…

As Advertised…





The place wasn’t even crowded!

How hard could it be to assemble a burger?

Sadly, this is a usual thing with McDonald’s Singapore… The food just doesn’t look good anymore.

Meanwhile, at Burger King



Filipino Food at NUH (National University Hospital)


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Located at NUH (National University Hospital) Main Building Lobby A

The stall is inside Kopitiam (in front of 7-11)

Sizzling Stews

Sizzling Stews Philippine Food NUH Singapore.jpg

I love the fact that they have a very simple menu…

1. Tinola
2. Sinigang na bangus
3. Nilagang baka
4. Highland stew
5. Arroz caldo
6. Pinakbet
7. Longsilog
8. Bangsilog
9. Adobosilog
10. Sisilog (bangus)
11. Inasal na manok
12. Daing na bangus
13. Tapsilog

Unlike the usual Filipino food stalls where choices are in front of you, this stall only sells you what’s on their menu!

Chili’s Clarke Quay Central


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Located at: #01-18 The Central, Clarke Quay, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817

My family loves Chili’s… A quick search from my Google Photos and it immediately showed 2 albums for our visits.

However, during our visit last night (23 May 2017), something was off…

First was that we had to wait 5 minutes to get seated… The restaurant was obviously under manned…

At around 8:30pm we only saw 4 waiters… 2 guys would eventually show up (so I guess total manpower outside the kitchen is 6), but I really felt the 4 waiters working as hard as they could.

Don’t get me wrong, service was fast and really good… But extra hands would’ve┬áreally helped.

The food.

Most recent visit I found was a year ago…

My wife’s lime margarita was in a mug and it was ice blended.


A year later, it was in a margarita glass, iced!


Maybe it’s just us, but we prefer the mug! Like this one on their menu!

Chili's Top Shelf Margarita

Our favorite appetizer, the Triple Dipper looked great last year.

April 11, 2016

Looked great in their menu

Chili's Triple Dipper

And looked different in real life…


And No, I did not rearrange the plate to make Chili’s┬á(or the chef) look bad.

I guess Chili’s is teaching us the difference between expectations and reality!

Other then the looks, you’ll also notice that the Onion Rings were replaced by sliders.

Chili’s Clarke Quay Central is only open until 10pm on weekdays so kitchen closes at 09:30pm.

Still worth it, but may be someone from management can give the kitchen and bar a quick visit.

J65 at Hotel Jen (Tanglin)


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Visited J65 at Hotel Jen Tanglin for my wife’s birthday…

It was dinner on a Wednesday!

Wrap-up… If you’re paying, NOT recommended!

First, the location. It’s at the back of Tanglin mall, nearest MRT is Orchard, but it will take 11 minutes walk (as per Google Maps) if you start from Wheelock Place!

Food, they were going local┬áduring our visit…

Make your own Kueh Pie Tee? Just imagine the patience you’ll need for this one!


Oyster Omelette… It was all egg! Chili Sauce was store bought!

No idea how long you have to queue to get Satay… I was not able to try it.

Cereal prawns were good. Salads were ok…




Sushi was so limited… I can’t remember taking one that had a fish in it! It was all egg and cucumber!



Desserts, they were ok. Potong Ice Cream, cakes and pastries plus some pudding/mouse/cotta… Again, if you’re not fast enough, you won’t get any!



Service was good and bad.

They were quick in clearing our table, but very very slow in refilling the buffet tables! Some items were never replaced! (like the Oreo cheesecake and cream puffs!)

I will understand the trouble in refilling the buffet tables on a weekend, but it’s totally unacceptable on the weekday! The place was only 70% full and kitchen just cannot cope up!

If someone else is paying… Then you can consider visiting J65, however, if you’re paying yourself, better try some other hotel buffets!









Michelle’s Banana Chips


If you’ve been to Manila (or have friends who are Filipinos)…

You can always expect a pack of 7D Dried Mangoes from the Philippines. (Cebu Dried Mangoes if you’re not that lucky).

We call it Pasalubong!

To shake things up… I’ve decided to try something new…

Michelle’s Banana Chips!!!

Michelle's Banana Chips

Photo was taken from

Why not Tower A Yema? It’s nice and our Indian friends are familiar with sweet processed milk… However, it’s milk and may upset some stomachs… It’s also on the sweeter side.

Why not Ilocos’ Chichacorn? Eating it will give you dirty fingers and the Garlic flavor/smell makes it difficult to pass around in the office.

Lapid’s Chicharon… It’s not Halal!

Michelle’s Banana Chips are not too sweet, comes in a nice resealable packaging (350gms) and Thailand also has their own version of Banana Chips so it’s not like giving our friends something thats really new to them.

I’ve also tried Virgie’s Caramel Tarts, problem is that there are times when the pastry tastes old…

Virgie's Caramel Tarts

On my last flight out of Manila, I’ve noticed that souvenir shops no longer carry Michelle’s products

Michelle’s list of stalls can be found here

I personally bought from their **Trinoma stall.

**Near Anson’s, if your using the mall directory, search for “Putong Ube”

Happycall Waffle Maker (+ Magnolia Pancake & Waffle Mix) Review


Yes, I’m a waffle over pancake person…

But unlike pancakes, waffles are a bit more complicated…

Some like them soft, some like them crispy, while some like it as a dessert, for breakfast and as a coffee match.

This post is basically just about Happycall’s Waffle Maker!

Happycall Waffle Maker

Been using different (electric) waffle makers and I’ve always had the same issue… You can’t seem to put the right amount of batter! Either there’s too much and the batter oozes out through the sides or there’s too little.

Happycall’s Waffle Maker has this small space where the excess batter will go… No need to worry about messing up your kitchen counters!

Although its coated with a non-stick layer, I would suggest that you still use some butter (or spray on oil) so that it will be easier to remove your waffles from the iron.

As you’d notice from my photo, that the pan is actually rectangular, the heat will always be uneven. Be sure to move the pan around your stove so that your waffles cook evenly.

If you love waffles and don’t want to spend more than S$300.00 on those big industrial waffle makers. Happycall’s waffle iron is way better than those small electric waffle makers.

Another plus is that you can easily clean it after use.

Magnolia Pancake & Waffle Mix

Magnolia Pancake & Waffle Mix

Bought this Pancake (& Waffle Mix) on my last trip to Manila.

(For waffles) It’s very easy to use. Just add 4 eggs and half a cup of water!

Yes, 4 eggs!

Using Happycall’s Waffle Iron, I was able to make 12 waffles! (That’s 6 batches)

Magnolia’s waffles were on the heavier side… Felt like eating bread!

Maybe it will work better as a snack/dessert, with Ice Cream or Whipped Cream…

For breakfast, we just found it to be too heavy.

Cafe 2000, M Hotel


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Located at the first floor of M Hotel.


It’s actually my first time to visit Cafe 2000.

We had our post Mother’s Day dinner (2015).

My wife told me this place is packed on a weekend. Since it was a Monday, the place was not crowded and quiet.


They had this “Crab-a-licious and BBQ Seafood Dinner Buffet” which we were able to get at a discounted price thanks to an online promotion


Believe me, they weren’t kidding about the crabs…

If I remember correctly, they had 5 crab dishes (Chili Crab and Salted Egg Crab were available)…

BBQ were the usual chicken satay, grilled beef and lamb.

They also had pasta, dumplings, sushi, scallops and oysters.

Desserts were also great…

Free flowing drinks included (brewed) iced tea and coffee.

Service was very good… Maybe since it was a Monday.

The place was dimly lit, which was good for dinner (you’ll need a good camera phone if you want to take photos).


I believe this place will cost you more than SGD 70.00 per person on a regular day…

At that price, it will be tough to compare it against Carousel.

At SGD 50.00, I highly recommend this place.

If you have guests who just want’s to try Chili Crab…

You can always bring them to this place since they have a good blend of Western and Asian cuisine.

Manbok Korean BBQ Buffet (Chinatown)


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Located at 279 New Bridge Road, 088752

This was a surprise find for us which suddenly became a family favorite.

The place is adequate, not big but space is enough.

Buffet spread can also be considered as adequate.


8 plates of meat, if I remember correctly, 3 plates were for pork, another 3 plates for chicken and 2 plates for beef.


One side for vegetables and seafood.


Cooked food includes Korean fried chicken.


And Kimchi!


Drinks section needs improvement as it can get crowded.

Do I recommend it to family and friends? Absolutely.

If you consider the price+location+food… Definitely one of the better Korean buffets in Singapore!

How can I be so positive? During our visits, 3-4 tables were occupied by Koreans!