Yardbird Southern Table & Bar


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Located at Marina Bay Sands, this is the only Yardbird outside the US!

If you’re into Southern style food, you should visit this place!

Just like any other “modern” restaurants, you only get a 1 page menu, they will give you a separate menu for drinks.


If you look at the other tables… You’ll notice a common order. Chicken and Waffles + Smoked Pork Ribs.



One YouTube channel even declared Yardbird’s fried chicken as top-3 best in Singapore!

Waffles + Maple syrup did not dissappoint!
Chicken was better when it was hot.
5 pcs chicken – so its better shared, 4 pcs waffle (I hope they gave more) + spiced watermelon.

Smoked Pork Ribs was so tender, although its on the sweeter side, so again… share!

Other than the 2 best sellers, we also tried their Mac & Cheese + American Burger + salad + biscuit.



Ambiance is good, service is excellent. Highly recommended for your southern style food!


Don Don Donki (City Square Mall)


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I believe this is the first Donki in Singapore with a food court.

Located at #B2-05/18, City Square Mall

Visited the store over the weekend and the contents were very similar to the Donki at 100AM

Food + Make-up/Beauty products

(I will not be sharing photos as there’s been a lot shared through Google Maps)

So other than the usual Japanese food and groceries you can find… This store has its own food court!

The food court has stalls selling different Japanese dishes, and if you purchased food from Donki, you can also eat it there. They have a microwave you can use, although I can’t remember if they provide hot water, just in case you bought instant noodles.

I wouldn’t go to City Square just to eat at Don Don Donki, the mall is also located at Little India, so competition is a bit tight.

But if you’re in the area… Having a Don Don Donki with a dedicated section for eat-in is nice.

The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park (BBQ and Steamboat Buffet)


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Located at 8 Port Rd, Singapore 117540, it’s a good 15 minutes walk from the Labrador Park MRT.

I would recommend you book a Grab as the driver can always refer to his phone for directions.


My wife saw a blog post about Three Peacocks, she was looking for a nice buffet.

After some research and thanks to some local YouTube vloggers, we decided to give it a try.

It was… surprisingly good.


It can get busy and there are times when there’s a significant queue for the oysters and burgers.

But in general, the food and place was better than what I expected.

I would recommend that you wear something comfortable and nothing fancy as accidents can happen.

Charcoal is used for the BBQ so you should plan your seating.


They also offer a hotpot for an extra fee, but thanks to Singapore’s weather… Decided to pass.

Definitely a must try/visit.

I honestly no longer find the need to organize a Condo/East Coast BBQ!

McDonald’s Singapore



I really can’t think of a title for this post.

Everyone who knows me know that I am a regular McDonald’s customer.

I also see to it to visit a McDonald’s whenever I travel overseas.

For the first time… I have received a “good looking buger” from McDonald’s Singapore!

Just a quick recap.

Here’s what my BBQ Buger looked like.





And finally, my Cheese Burger!


“Good looking burgers” are so rare in McDonald’s Singapore I just have to write about it!

One more thing…

McDonald’s Singapore will try to cramp everything you ordered in 1 tray!

But if you ordered just 1 meal, they line up everything in a very weird way.


To McDonald’s Singapore, did you train your staff to do this?

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe


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Chinese New Year 2019.

With the Sun scorching hot outside, we decided that going to the River Hongbao isn’t a good idea.

Sentosa was voted out and we were so close to going to the Gardens by the Bay but also decided against it since we couldn’t imagine the crowd there during the 2 days off.

So we went to Marina Bay Sands and decided to have lunch at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe!


We’ve been to a lot of themed cafes in the past, but unlike the cute Hello Kitty cafe, this one feels like it tries to caters to the young and old.

The Cafe

There’s 2 sections to the Cafe, one serves the desserts the other part is the restaurant.

It has a cramped feel, but there’s enough space for you to walk.

It can a noisy, maybe because fo the family crowd.

The Display

You couldn’t call it DC Comics Cafe if there are no DC items on display…

But personally, I find it as the only negative part of the Cafe…

How many versions of Batman do you really want to see? On display was a life size Batman from Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Superman versions of Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill!

Yes, there was only 1 Aquaman and I didn’t see Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern. But there are so many characters in DC Comics I feel like the Cafe only had the Justice League… It wouldn’t hurt if a little space was alloted to the Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow.

The Food

This is the primary reason why I’m writing this post… Food was surprisingly good!

It’s a bit pricey… But the big portions are worth it!

We had the Batman Burger, Chicken and Waffles and Chicken Fingers.






No complains with the food… But I do hope the waffles were crispy.

The portions are so good, you can actually share it!

Yes you should be ready to spend S$30/meal, soda will cost you around S$5.

But as I’ve mentioned earlier, if you can eat Western Food… If you remove all the DC figures… This place will survive as a restaurant.

Highly recommended.

Ssikkek BBQ Buffet Restaurant (Chinatown)


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That time when you find out that one of your favorite buffet restaurants is closed

You walk hoping for an alternative and find something… better.

That ‘s exactly how I felt when I found Ssikkek BBQ Buffet Restaurant!


So it’s the same Korean BBQ.

But this place have more meat to grill, yes they may not have a hot pot, but they serve cooked soup.




Place is also bigger.


Cooked food is also available


Just a tip if you’re visiting…

Leave your expensive clothes and bags at home! You will smell like BBQ!


Unlike other BBQ buffet places, they do not have a chimney to suck the smoke off the grill.

The tables are small and the chairs are big (they’re also old). So there’s a small chance of oil dripping here and there when the staff replaces your grill.

Price is reasonable and they provide ice cream as dessert.

I cannot recommend this to all my friends… But I can start a list of people I know who will enjoy this place!

Pla Thong Mookata, Bangkok


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I love Google’s Services… It just reminded me that I visited this Mookara buffet in Bangkok 4 weeks ago.

I’ve been too busy to add anything in all of my blogs but I hope this will be a start…

So we visited this place during our Bangkok trip. Did a Google Search while we were in the hotel and this restaurant was the closest!


1 station away by train then a couple minutes walk.

You will see a lot of positive and negative reviews. But you always have to consider the price…

Converting it to Singapore dollars, the you realize the place is cheap and you should not expect too much.

The place does not have A/C.
It’s open and the chairs and tables do not match.

The beer and softdrinks are not chilled and you pay for the ice so you’ll need a second bucket later.

I love the fact that locals and tourists visit the place, maybe because of its close proximity to the train station…

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Mookata… The grill is so small you can only cook 3-4 slices at any given time…

But going to this place checks a tick box from my list of things to do when in Bangkok.

Highly recommended… But don’t expect too much!

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (Singapore)


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Finally, Yellow Cab Pizza is in Singapore…

This has to be one of my favorite pizzas in Manila and having it here means I can finally scratch this place from my list of places to eat when on a holiday!

Located at the Basement CityLink Mall… You can say it’s in the middle of Raffles Place, Suntec Mall and Marina Square.


It’s not perfect, but at least it’s not in Orchard!

The resto has enough seats… Just like in Manila, it has an “industrial look”




I don’t remember seeing a hand wash area… But the resto is near the toilets so it shouldn’t be an issue.

As for the food… We would normally order a thin crust NY Classic Pepperoni (it’s my wife’s favorite), but this time we ordered New York’s Finest.


Chicken wings is always good as expected.


Sadly, my favorite Spaghetti with Meatballs wasn’t available during our visit. We tried the Chicken Alfredo which we’ll never order again!


When Yellow Cab Pizza opened in Manila, it competed head on with the bigger and more established Pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut and Shakeys…

Dominos and Little Ceasar’s were scaling down, or closed down…

I remember Yellow Cab to offer ample (free) parking spaces with Vespa scooters for delivery!

They made enough noise to get noticed and their food was good enough for the long term.

As it is under the Max’s group, I wonder if we’ll see other restaurants here in Singapore soon.

Yellow Cab Singapore’s location might not be perfect, but people will go there for the food.

One thing Yellow Cab SG has over it’s PHL counterpart… They serve alcohol!

More Photos on Instagram


Can someone please tell them having a life size Jar Jar Binks is not cool! It’s also not appetizing, and it honestly doesn’t make sense!


Basilico, Regent Hotel


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Had the chance to visit Basilico twice this year… Weekday lunch and dinner.

They serve Italian cuisine on what they call “semi-buffet”

You pay a fixed price for appetizer and desserts, mains will be ordered separately.

For my lunch visit, it was a company meeting. We only had what was on the buffet table which were a few cooked items, two types of pizza (and pasta) – usual appetizer and desserts were there.

For dinner, the pizza, pasta and cooked food (that were there during lunch) were not available…

The food is more than enough for your Italian food craving, but don’t expect to see crabs/prawn (seafood spread). A good bottle of wine will complete the meal.

For dinner, you will need to order pizza separately and pasta will be counted as your main dish.


If you’re expecting to see a big “international” buffet, then this place is not for you. I don’t even think they’ll sing a happy birthday for you 🙂

This place is highly recommended if you need a quiet place with ample space and less crowd.











Expectation vs Reality… Sad state of McDonald’s Singapore…


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So I ordered a McDonald’s BBQ Beef Burger with Egg…

As Advertised…





The place wasn’t even crowded!

How hard could it be to assemble a burger?

Sadly, this is a usual thing with McDonald’s Singapore… The food just doesn’t look good anymore.

Meanwhile, at Burger King