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Finally, me and my family had the time to visit Gerry’s Grill, Cuppage Road.

Here’s a Map of its exact location.

Here’s a a photo of the Starhub Centre

And here’s a closer photo of Gerry’s Grill

From the map, it may look far from Orchard road, but its actually less than 5 minutes walk.

They had less items on their menu compared to their Philippine branches but as long as they have their Sisig, Crispy Pata and Squid, I know a lot of us won’t be complaining.

I’m sure most of us have brought friends to 7107 and Bonifacio, to try and experience Philippine Cuisine. Gerry’s Grill is a restaurant chain where we actually dine in whenever I’m in the Philippines and its actually great that they finally have a restaurant here in Singapore.

I was so excited when I learned that Gerry’s Grill had a stall in Marina Bay Sands, just imagine how happy I was when I learned that they now have a restaurant!